No Social Media?

This week’s blog is a very short one. It’s been a week trying to stay stress free… a week away from social media of all kinds. It’s been a revelation, I thought I’d struggle…but I didn’t. I thought I’d get withdrawal symptoms but it’s been surprisingly refreshing and although I have to go back to it next week I will definitely be reducing my interaction.

Trending themes from my week…

On the art front I finally managed to bring myself to finish the painting of my son’s MR2. I now have the opportunity to pick a topic of my own choosing for my next work… which means I’ve gone completely blank.

Books read this week, 4 - one recommendation below…

All in by Ava Drake

I adored this book. The plot is a brilliantly crafted thriller, the characters are awesome, loveable and I was so invested in them it hurt when it was over. Sebastian is ex British SAS and now a self-made millionaire. Zane is a runway model reaching the end of his career and desperate for one more season in order to retire. The two men must go through not trusting each other, car chases, gun fights and safe houses together. Brilliantly written! I couldn't put it down. Of course, things go wrong but I won't reveal the fast-paced plot. This story ticked all my boxes, plot, characters, action, emotion, it's all there in spades.

My time spent perusing the internet for interesting tuff to read has produced quite a few great articles recently which you too may find entertaining or useful…so I’ve included some links below.

12 Must-Read Books (Released This Year) Every Ambitious Person Should Read

Thomas Oppong

Warren Buffett credits many of his great money decisions to his voracious reading habit.

The best books can inspire you to pursue your passion project or build the life you want. This year, I’ve committed to finding and reading all of the life-changing books I can track down.

If you are looking to start a successful side project, advance your career, improve your skills and become more effective in life and work, you will find these books useful.

You Are The Observer: Realize The Power You Have Within

Benjamin Foley

Imagine this…

You are walking down the street on your way to the first day at a new job. It’s 80 degrees outside. People are out and about. The humbug of city life is a pulse that reverberates through your veins.

Suddenly, a thought comes to your mind.

“Am I positive that this new job is the ‘right’ one?”

Immediately, your entire physiological system changes as the haunting “truth” of this fear starts to sink in. Your senses heighten. Your heart picks up its pace. Your chest and throat constrict as the waterfall of worst-case scenarios start filtering in and out your mind.

What if I fail?

19 Tricks To Shift Your Mind Toward Optimism

Kelly Meerbott

In all facets of life, your personal attitude plays an enormous role in your success. Bad and good outlooks become self-fulfilling prophecies — if you’re looking for something to go wrong, you’ll only see the negatives in a situation, which can drain your energy and motivation. Optimists, on the other hand, tend to find the positives more easily and stay motivated enough to reach their goals.

If you think pessimism and optimism are traits you’re born with, think again: Although it takes effort, positive thinking is something that can be learned and practiced. Members of the Forbes Coaches Council offered 19 habits, practices and behaviors that can help shift your outlook from negative to positive.

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