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hope you’re enjoying the new look blog. Please feel free to feedback any likes or dislikes any time. In today’s blog.... Trending topics of my week, book recommendations, What I’ve been up on the art front, interesting articles I’ve read...

The temperature has dropped over 10 degrees bringing it back to normal for the time of year. Phew! More importantly my family have returned from their holiday, effectively shattering my peace and quiet, and I HAVE RETURNED TO WORK! I celebrated one year of friendship with an amazing author friend of mine, AM Raulerson. I’ve never known anyone who can pour so much emotion into the written word as this woman can and she has only been writing for just over a year.

It’s also been a year since another author friend wrote this article on his blog which reduced me to tears at the time… http://www.authornoah.com/tears-of-an-authorpreneur/ until I recognised the determination and strength of character it portrayed.

Nismo featured this week. As the weather got cooler so he took to sleeping longer and not staying out so much – go figure!

The Rainbow Tribe is fast approaching its launch! The Home page blurb for the website has been written and also the guidance notes for reviewers. We have one author takeover planned for the launch event and one other possible one. It will be BIG! More in later blogs…

On the art front I've just finished my latest project based on the childhood memories of a friend… a wooden porch overlooking an overgrown garden with books and birds. Interesting…

This was partly inspired by a previous work ‘Books and Birds’…

I know what the next project is already and it involves cats, books, dragons and gargoyles…quite a mix! Watch this space for updates.

I promised last week that I would let you know about the free webinar I attended about cracking online marketing… Well it opened my eyes to a few home truths and some pitfalls that I’m pretty sure I would have fallen into if I hadn’t watched it. It was of course followed by a plug to buy further information which I may, or may not, follow up…

I’m taking a few days (at least) break from Social Media, at the moment – apart from to post this blog of course. I find that so much of what flies about on sites like Facebook is either depressing or annoys the hell out of me. Every so often I feel the need to take a break from it all and this is one of those times.

I had a request to join a new ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) team this week for a relatively new author – of course I jumped at the chance and even added some friends to his team as well. The first book is released this weekend! Hopefully I’ll be including him in my recommendations soon! I also had a private request to review a Self-Help book. Nothing strange there.. except that when I read it, it was like a precis (less than half the page count) of my own book Web to Success! The author had included about 75% of the same topics and even some of the same analogies – weird. It was a quick read and to be honest a bit preachy for me although that tends to be a common trait of self-help books – not mine though!

Unfortunately, I’ve also had to unsubscribe from a really good authors email list. I signed up to his list to get information on HIS books but he started sending emails promoting other authors. Now I don’t mind a few lines about someone else at the bottom of an email about his books, but I don’t want my inbox spammed with whole emails on something I didn’t sign up to receive. Sad situation but I felt the need to act.

Books read this week, 4 - one recommendation below…

John Harris – The Forbidden Touch

On a trip to Syracuse in Italy, Troy McLaughlin discovers a work of art that captivates his imagination and soul. Gabriella, the fiery Sicilian who runs the gallery where the artwork is presented, inspires his imagination and tells him of the enigmatic artist, Il Conte. The wispy manifestation of Il Conte awakens feelings in Troy that have always slumbered within, but have never before come to the surface. For the first time in his life, Troy asks himself who he really is. This story is one of self-discovery, love, passions, and desire. The desire to be yourself and the desire to be with the one that you love.


In a recent Reddit thread, users were asked what is a book that everyone needs to read at least once in their life?

Here is an article that lists the top 35 books based on Reddit responses. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad but …. I have read 19 and probably won’t get much further.


My time spent perusing the internet for interesting tuff to read has produced quite a few great articles recently which you too may find entertaining or useful…so I’ve included some links below.

Benjamin Foley - Writer. Thinker. Strategist. Founder of http://www.fullyrichlife.com/

For as long as I can remember, I believed that what gave me my edge was a fierce drive to succeed and that I was never satisfied with the status quo.

So when I first heard about mindfulness and meditation, I was not only skeptical of its benefits, I also feared that if it worked, I would lose my edge.


Christopher La Porte I’m a writer, barrel-age stout consumer, and wanna be Hobbit. Where will the adventure of story take us?

Who cares about your art? Maybe no one. It’s a terrifying concept I’ve been haunted with many times before.


Srinivas Rao Order Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best

There are moments in all of our lives when we feel as if we are doing exactly what we were born to do. Our work feels like a privilege and everything we’re doing feels like a gift to the world. In these moments we’re in what author Gay Hendricks refers to as our personal zone of genius. Unfortunately, our education system has done a terrible job of helping people find their zone of genius. In really unfortunate cases, it’s caused them to believe they don’t have one at all. The biggest problem with education today is that it’s a one size fits all solution.


Benjamin P. Hardy. Husband & foster father of 3. Pursuing PhD in Organizational Psychology.

You live in a box you’ve carefully constructed to protect yourself.

So have I.

We all have.

Literally, you have designed every detail of your life to protect yourself from the fears and internal conflicts you aren’t willing to face.


On a final note – Is it an artist’s job to speak? Feel free to comment here…

Mitch Goldfarb. Two-time Grammy Nominee, Producer, Songwriter, Tai Chi & Mindfulness Instructor, Author & Professor at West Chester U


Aren’t we all are artists? Don’t we create our lives with each… choice, thought & action? What do you have to say to that?


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