Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring is here! It’s a long weekend. It’s the time of year when we clear out the cobwebs and start afresh. We traditionally clear out our homes, gardens and maybe even workspaces but this year, take the plunge and extend it to the rest of your life and get rid of your lifestyle clutter. Over time we become complacent and start to ‘put up’ with ‘clutter’ just because it becomes a habit. What if we could get rid of all that extra stuff? Look at those things that are causing you to waste time, or worry and clean them out, declutter your mind and your future. Now’s the perfect time to start.

In Web to Success I explain about why habits can be bad for us. “We get comfortable doing the same things and reacting in the same ways that it becomes habit forming because it takes less effort on our part. Doing things the same way is a dangerous habit as we’re often doing the wrong thing time and again. If we’re not aware of this, then we have no commitment to put it right.”

“Patterns become habit and habit isn’t a good reason to do anything.”

Below I’ve included some good articles I’ve found on how to declutter and spring clean your life.

8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life by Barrie Davenport


The arrival of spring always lightens my heart and soul. It feels like a new beginning, a fresh start that begs us to open our internal windows to release the stale and tired emotions we’ve carried all winter and allow a light breeze of peace and positivity to wash over us. I know some of this lightness is just part of the seasonal change. The short days of winter, the lack of sunlight, the cold weather, and the time spent indoors makes us feel cranky at best and sometimes downright depressed. We tend to exercise less, eat heavier foods, and sleep more. It’s amazing how the regenerative powers of sunshine, warm weather, and time outside can almost immediately restore your body and mind. You find yourself eager to clean out clutter, freshen up your home, and get a little exercise.

Internal cleaning. With a lighter heart and open mind, we also have the opportunity to spring clean our internal lives. We have the chance to hit the re-set button and start over with a shift in attitude and a reawakening to our values, dreams, and sense of purpose for our lives. The concept of rebirth during the spring isn’t simply a religious or seasonal metaphor. Spring is the perfect time to recreate ourselves and blossom into the beautiful potential we envision for our lives. Everything that happens in your outer life begins with your internal choices or lack thereof.

When you are clear about who you want to be and how you wish to live your life, then your choices and actions become as easy and natural as a spring breeze. Gaining that internal clarity first requires the awareness that it’s necessary. It requires you to step back, breathe deeply, and make the conscious decision to evolve, to activate your own metamorphosis.

Here are 8 ways you can begin the internal spring cleaning process.

1. Re-define your core values.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to know your core values. These are the guiding principles of your life around which all decisions and actions should be measured. When you are clear on the values you hold most dear, then it is easy to discern where and how your life doesn’t support or reflect those values. You may have dozens of values, but you need to have a handful (maybe 5-10) that are the most important, non-negotiable driving principles of your life. At one point in your life, adventure might be a core value and at another point it might be security or flexibility. This is a good time to clear out the old values and reinforce those that are important for your life now.

2. Restore your integrity.

Are there areas of your life that don’t reflect your core values or where you are living out-of-alignment with your personal integrity? Perhaps it’s a relationship that is inappropriate or doesn’t serve you. Maybe you are accepting something in your job that rubs you the wrong way. Maybe there are parts of your lifestyle that feel inauthentic or meaningless. Where do you feel your life and your sense of integrity don’t match up? What can you do to correct that?

3. Harmonise your close relationships.

There are people in your life whom you love or care for deeply, but perhaps the relationship isn’t as strong as it could or should be. Maybe you’ve been distracted or neglectful. Or perhaps you’ve allowed someone to treat you poorly. Sometimes we allow our relationships to slip into periods of inattention or malaise. How can you bring more harmony, communication, attention, and love to your close relationships? What do you need to release in order to be a better partner, spouse, parent, or friend?

4. Shine up your attitude.

After a winter of discontent, it becomes a habit to allow negativity to dominate our thoughts and words. We become so accustomed to complaining, worrying, and seeing the glass half empty that we are blinded to all of the beauty and joy we have access to right now, even in this very moment.

Use this time to shift your attention from all that is going wrong in your life to all that is going right. Allow gratitude and joy to move to the forefront of your thoughts, and actively seek to diminish the power and predominance of your worries and frustrations. Seek out goodness, beauty, love, humor, and positivity. Spend time with people who support this way of being and thinking.

5. Simplify your thinking.

Sweep out extraneous distractions, projects, and tasks that drain your brain energy. Prioritize just a few main goals for each day, and allow yourself the time to focus on them deeply and thoroughly without being mentally or physically pulled in different directions. Visualize white space around each goal so you create plenty of room for imagination and critical thinking without anxiety or interruptions.

6. Change up your routines.

Wipe away the old daily routines you’ve been following all winter long. Shake up your life a bit and create new routines and new ways of doing things. Our lives become boring and stale when we do the same things day in and day out. Even small changes, like going a different route to work or having your breakfast before your shower rather than after, can make you feel motivated and different. But consider larger changes too — like meeting a new group of people, taking up a new hobby, or going on an adventure. Change challenges us and stretches us to become more interesting and self-aware.

7. Reclaim inner peace.

There are so many circumstances and interactions that we allow to steal our sense of equanimity and inner peace. We become so attached to things and outcomes that we become deeply disturbed if don’t achieve or acquire what we think we must have. We allow the moods and words of other people to hurt or worry us. We grow defensive over perceived slights. We allow ourselves to remain in environments that are too loud, disruptive, or draining. What is disrupting your inner peace? How can you clear away those things so you can enjoy more calm and contentment in your life?

8. Buff up your emotional intelligence.

Part of on-going personal evolution requires that we demand increasing emotional maturity from ourselves. Emotional maturity simply means having control over your emotions rather than your emotions controlling you. It means being able to accept people and situations as they are without needing to change them. Ultimately, this allows you to experience the inner peace described above and to enjoy deeply satisfying relationships. Emotionally intelligent and mature people . .

  • know what they want and make it happen;

  • think before they act;

  • exhibit self-reliance and the ability to take personal responsibility;

  • have patience;

  • are able to connect with others in a cooperative and positive way;

  • are able to genuinely care about others and can demonstrate that;

  • exhibit honesty and can live by their principles;

  • have moderation and balance in all things;

  • have the ability to follow through, even when it is difficult;

  • can show humility and say “I’m sorry.”

Just as spring is a time of renewal and rebirth year after year, we have the opportunity to renew ourselves — to become the best version of who we wish to be as we define it year after year.

As the weather gets warmer, the sun is shining, and the leaves and flowers are budding, open the windows and doors of your internal house and give your mind and spirit a thorough spring cleaning.

As you clear out the old and unnecessary parts of your life, you will awaken to possibilities and joy you hadn’t noticed hiding under the dust bunnies of those cold winter months.

How to make Cleansing and detoxing a part of your life...


The value of pure food, water, and air has become increasingly evident in today’s society. With this newfound attitude, we have become more conscious than ever about toxins. The human body is almost miraculously efficient at removing chemical and bacterial toxins from the bloodstream. Thanks to the mind-body connection, the idea of toxicity has a much wider meaning. When you have a toxic emotion like anger or fear, the psychological aspect is felt immediately as the unwanted emotion fills your mind. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The toxic effect of a negative emotion reaches further than we ever knew in the past. Toxic emotions change brain chemistry. If the emotion is chronic, it even changes pathways in the brain. Events in the brain are communicated to every cell in the body, spreading toxicity invisibly to areas we might not even think about. Because experience is stored in memory, the above influences can persist for a long time, which is why our bodies continue to pay a price for traumas as far back as childhood. This may look a little grim at first glance, but the holistic nature of mind and body are actually a cause for optimism and even celebration. When you reverse toxicity in any area—physical, mental, emotional, and environmental—you are benefiting the entire system and laying a basis for future well-being.

Here are the basic steps for cleansing and detoxifying your life when viewed holistically.


The importance of clean air, food, and water is obvious to most people by now. It's important to pay attention to foods with chemical additives, including red meat, chicken, and eggs. Organic sources without adulterants are best. Simple sanitation such as washing your hands several times a day, can protect you significantly from communicable diseases, especially if your work involves contact with many other people or travel on mass transit. Nothing is more purifying than regularly going out into nature, and nourishing yourself with its beauty and freshness.


The mind is a powerful source of negativity and positivity. Experiences that originate in the mind then affect and alter the brain. Therefore, look upon your daily experience as input that is either toxic (negative) or purifying (positive). Take steps to make sure that the balance of your day is spent favoring positive input and minimizing negative. The most powerful single step you can take is to adopt a regular meditation routine.


The two main areas where people run into emotional and psychological toxicity are self-esteem and relationships. These are significant areas of our lives, yet they are often the last we look to when we want to detoxify. In reality, if you have low self-esteem or persist in a toxic relationship, these obstacles deserve priority ahead of diet, exercise, and other conventional advice about finding well-being.


This term covers external stress. For most people, acute stress such as losing a job grabs their attention, while chronic, low-level stress is tolerated or ignored. In reality, acute stress is relatively rare, while chronic stress is probably the larger threat to most people's well-being. Being under pressure, losing sleep, rushing to meet deadlines, over-scheduling, ignoring down time, and multi-tasking have all become accepted stresses in life. Yet these things wreak biological havoc in our bodies.

10 ways to clear negative energy


The world is filled with many people, all with their own intentions and desires. Some are overwhelmingly positive while others lean towards negativity. Others seem to full-on embrace negativity. It’s not always possible to remove those negative people from your life; sometimes they’re your coworkers or even your family members. Neither is it always possible to change such individuals for the better. And that leaves you in a bit of a tight spot, especially if you’re a highly sensitive individual or empath. Luckily, you can get out of that tight spot not by changing the behavior of others but by changing what’s going on inside you.

Let’s take a look at a few simple strategies for doing just that.

10 Effective Ways to Clear Negative Energy From Your Life
1. Declare your intention to get rid of negative energy. Stating your intentions aloud can have incredible power. The act makes them real, something that exists as more than just an idea. So when you decide that the amount of negative energy around you has become overwhelming and needs to be reduced, begin by saying that out loud. You don’t need to say it to anyone in particular. Just put it out there and let the sound of your voice fall back on your ears. Then, take that intention and move forward to make it happen.
2. Yawn. Seriously, do it. While many people think that yawning is a negative thing – a sign of boredom or discontentment – it actually goes a long way towards clearing the body of unwanted energy. That should come as no surprise, since breathing exercises help reduce anxiety and yawning is basically just that – strong purpose-filled breathing.
3. Have a smudging ceremony. Maybe your mother-in-law spent the weekend at your house and the place is heavy with negative energy. Or maybe you just feel like you’ve brought home too much stress from work. In either scenario or any similar ones you can think of, a smudging ceremony may be in order. White sage has been used for centuries in smudging ceremonies to clear areas of unwanted energies and spirits.
4. Repeat a mantra. This strategy takes the ‘declare your intention’ point one step further and gets you to pointedly order the negative energy out of your life. Here’s one example of a clearing mantra from ReAlive Metaphysical & Repurposing:

I, (insert your full name), refuse permission for any living and non-physical being to enter my body, mind, soul, spirit and energy field for intentions that are other than love.

I break all contracts, vows and agreements I might have made knowingly or unknowingly in all time, space, and dimension that in any way diminish the fullest expression of my joyful soul essence.

I break these agreements from this moment backwards, through every experience of my past, and from this moment forward until the end of all time.

I command these energies and people to leave my space NOW! They have no power over me. I ask for divine protection from these energies, that they NOT return to my energy field in any way, and for any reason. I now build a shield of light around me with this heart intention and my free will. I thank you that it’s already done.

Repeat the mantra as many times as necessary.

5. Laugh it off. There’s a reason laughter is referred to as the best medicine. It triggers real physical changes in your body, boosting positive energy as well as reducing pain and stress. At first, it might feel weird to laugh about nothing in particular. But force yourself to do it, and within moments, your laugh will become genuine.

6. Get a Himalayan salt lamp. In addition to looking really cool, a Himalayan salt lamp will cleanse the air around it and increase positive energy. It does this by producing negative ions that latch onto positive ones that leak negativity. Counter-intuitive, I know. But the results speak for themselves!

7. Dance like nobody’s watching. Dancing causes your brain to release endorphins that create a field of positivity within and around you. It also communicates joy to the universe. Joy is one of the highest forms of vibration there is, thereby placing you on a plane that negativity will have a very hard time reaching.

8. Change your karma. When faced with negative energy from others, it can be tempting to dish that energy right back out. But that accomplishes nothing. In fact, it sets you back and causes even more energy to build in your environment. Instead, engage in acts of kindness. Help someone less fortunate than you. Donate to charity. Volunteer your time.
9. Spend some time with that special someone. If you’re in a healthy relationship, having love-filled sex with your partner can go a long way towards getting rid of negative energy and replacing it with the positive variety. A number of other phenomenal things happen when two people in a healthy relationship have sex, including stress relief, immune system boosting and lowering of blood pressure.
10. Create a negative energy attractor. Light a candle or set a glass of water on a table. Looking at it, declare your intention to have all negative energy in the room enter the flame or water. This process is known as the “Attractor Field Technique.” In addition to clearing negative energy, it can also get rid of emotional problems and pain.

Unfortunately I cannot remember where I found this....

I was a “yes” person. Whenever someone asked something of me, I never said no. Why?

Because I wanted to be liked and accepted by everyone. “If I say no, maybe this person wouldn’t love me,” I thought to myself. Looking back, it became clear how ridiculous and dangerous this mindset was. No matter how hard I tried or what I did, there was always someone who would get offended, or upset with me. Being a “yes” person was leaving me drained, resentful, and angry. The more I said yes, the more I got myself into situations I would later regret, and the more I let myself be used.

When I reached my breaking point, I finally said no for the first time, and it left me feeling liberated. So I kept doing it, as much as I needed to.

Life began to feel easier. I had fewer obligations and more time on my hands to focus on re-grouping, healing, and the people I truly wanted to spend time with.

Your “yes” makeover: Start practicing saying no. You will never be able to, nor should you be obligated to, make everyone happy, even if you tried. And by doing this, you’ll learn how to say yes only when you truly mean it. You’ll start to make better decisions from your gut, not social pressure or a chronic need for validation or approval.

Nourishing my body was not my priority. When everything seems to be going wrong, you’re anxious, sad, confused, and lost, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to choose between that extra large pizza and salad for lunch. Eating might not even be on your radar if you’re going through a rough, traumatic patch. But here’s the thing: I’d been on both ends of the spectrum, eating too much and then not eating at all for days when life got overwhelming. Both options left me feeling and looking worse off than I already was. Unwanted weight gain sapped my self-confidence and added to my daily stressors, while too little nourishment left me feeling weak and unable to cope with life.

I adapted by simplifying my meals—I ate more fruit and salads, which didn’t require much cooking and minimal preparation. I let people cook for me and bring me food. I took a multivitamin every day. I snacked whenever I could. I scheduled my meals as much as possible so that I was constantly reminded to eat. I knew that if I didn’t eat, I wouldn’t be able to get through this storm. As I healed, so did my eating habits.

Your diet makeover: When you’re struggling to take care of yourself, know that it’s okay to make imperfect food choices. It’s okay let others help you.

Add more structure to your meal times so you make a conscious effort to nourish your body. Eat with friends to lift your spirits. The joy will come back. The better you get at this, the better you’ll be able take care of yourself the next time life knocks you down.

I held on to toxic relationships. Whenever I was around the wrong people, I’d feel one or a combination of these emotions: doubtful, sad, agitated, uneasy, or just plain tired, as if the wind had been knocked out of my sails. In contrast, the right people made me feel light, playful, at ease, uplifted, motivated, and supported. As I got stronger and started making clear-cut decision about who could stay in my life and who would get the boot, I came up with guidelines that would make the weeding out process easier. If someone: Continuously took without ever giving back to me (or anyone else). Turned every disagreement around to make it look like it was my fault. Belittled my hopes and feelings. Verbally abused me. Lied to me. Was unable to take responsibility for their mistakes and prefers to play the blame game. I walked away. No exceptions. Life is way too short to spend with the wrong people.

Your toxic relationship makeover: Give everyone in your life three chances to make things right when they do something to hurt you. Three strikes later, if nothing changes, don’t just walk away—run. I know this sounds harsh, but doing this has allowed me to regain control over who I want in my life, and who I don’t, and my peace of mind.

I stopped dreaming. It takes faith and determination to keep the fires within your soul burning, even more so when you’re running on empty with a bruised heart and spirit. I went on this way for years until I eventually stopped hoping and dreaming, because I felt so trapped. My self-imposed ‘rehab’ time was perfect for giving this part of my soul much needed TLC. I re-started my fires by devouring as many books as I could. I spent a lot of time excavating, exploring, tweaking, re-discovering, and building. I opened myself up to deeper conversations, made peace with my mistakes and weak decisions, and started connecting instead of avoiding. Baby sparks eventually grew into larger-than-life flames.

Your dream makeover: Your dreams didn’t die overnight, so take your time getting them back. Getting clarity about what you really want will help you decide the first steps you’ll need to take. Try doing this simple, but powerful exercise: Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?” Then with whatever answer you come up with, ask why to that, and so on, five times.

Start re-kindling your flame from here.

Too much stillness crept into my life. The darker and bigger the grey clouds around me got, the heavier I started to feel, physically and emotionally. I dragged my feet wherever I went. The thought of exercising felt like a chore, using up energy I felt I no longer had. So I gradually stopped.

As a result, I started to feel stagnant, sluggish, and unhealthy. I loved getting my regular flush of adrenaline and post-workout endorphins, but I just couldn’t get going. There were, however, two things I could do that I found therapeutic and beneficial to my physical health: walking and yoga. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for high-speed, high-intensity, as-many-rounds-as-possible circuits just yet. And that, too, was okay. Long, head space-clearing walks, rhythmic, breath-centered sun salutations, and gentle stretches became my salvation, so I did more of those.

Your movement makeover: When it comes to exercise, do what is right for you when it is right for you. If hard and fast is your usual routine, it doesn’t mean that you need to force yourself to keep up with it despite not being in the right mental space for it. Not listening to your gut (and body) could leave you vulnerable to injury and unable to make the most of your training. If you’ve never exercised, just getting out and moving could make a world of difference. But whatever you do, don’t stay still. Be gentle on yourself, and learn to bend as the wind blows—you’ll gain a deeper kind of strength from within.

Clean up your relationships

Many of us cling on to friendships and relationships well past their use-by date, believing that quantity is more important than quality when it comes to the people in our lives. However, if you are holding on to relationships that no longer make you feel good, it may be time to let them go. If you think you may just be going through a rough patch then it is worth talking things through with your partner or friend; however, if they have been bringing you down for a while and there’s no resolution in sight, it may be time to focus on those people who make you happy instead.

Detox your friends list

Spring can also be a time to think about who or what is holding you back. Often, painful memories and toxic friends are causing obstructions. The best approach is to take personal responsibility while also acknowledging and then releasing people who are associated with pain, frustration and trauma in your life.

10 simple steps to Spring Clean Your Life by Chrissa Hardy


For many, the arrival of spring means that winter is finally dead for another year, and life will soon be in bloom wherever you look. For me though, the new season is about spring cleaning my life. It's about getting everything organized and setting goals. In fact, I don't really understand why anyone makes resolutions on Jan. 1, when spring is such a better setting to assess goals and begin anew. There’s just something about making promises to yourself in the dead of winter that feels like a recipe for failure, and frankly, we all deserve better than that. Why not set goals when you actually have a chance to achieve them, ya know?

So this spring, make sure you're setting yourself up for success by getting rid of the dead weight in your life. Embrace the people and things that allow you to think positively and love yourself, and cut ties with toxic acquaintances that put you in a gloomy mental state. Even taking little steps to organizing your life will help you reach your goals, because a little can go a long way.

1. Check in on career goals

You need to ask yourself if the job you have is making you happy. Will it lead to something bigger and better in your chosen field? Are you settling in order to remain safely tucked inside of your comfort zone? Now is the time to get real, because pretty soon a hoard of graduates will join the workforce and will be competing for the job you want, so this is the ideal moment to figure out your next move.

2. Reevaluate your relationship

Maybe you just did that, since Valentine's Day was only a few weeks ago. But it's much smarter to take a hard look at your relationship when you're not being force-fed societal pressures to spend too much money and make grand declarations as a way to compete with other couples. So ridic. Do it now when you have a clear head so you can figure out if there are areas you two can work on, or if it's time to call it quits.

3. Break up with toxic friends

This isn't going to be easy, but it will be worth it in the long run. Friends that make you feel bad about yourself are not friends you need. The length of time you've known them and the crazy struggles you've been through together don't mean anything if they always bring you down. Don't waste your time on anyone who treats you badly, and that's in a relationship, friendship, coworkers, and the like. Life is just too short.

4. Ditch all needless acquaintances

I understand the importance of having extended networks, particularly on social media. You never know when having a connection with someone could create an opportunity for you. However, there are some Internet connections that are worthy of being broken. Declutter your friends and follow lists if you're constantly faced with needless negativity, bonkers political views with zero facts to back them up, a stream of NSFW images without any warning, or really anything else that rubs you the wrong way. You scroll through your feeds A LOT, so you should be minimizing things that piss you off or bum you out as much as possible.

5. Declutter your closet

You KNOW you've got at least 10 items in there that you will never wear again, so it's time for those to go. Ditch the purses you've used and are nothing more than stray penny and old receipt containers now. Toss the trendy top from five years ago you were never in the mood to wear. Get rid of the cheap tees and tanks that are worn out, because those can easily be replaced.

6. Toss the clothes that don't make you feel amazing

We all have a section of clothing that we keep because we think we might someday need it — but if those clothes aren't something you love wearing right now, toss them. If you have an entire closet full of items that you only ever feel amazing in, then you will never be at a loss for finding something to wear.

7. Organize your workspace

I can't focus on work when I'm surrounded by a tornado of random paperwork, and I'm guessing you can't either. Take an hour and make your workspace a place of minimalism, organization, and creativity. It'll be worth it, I promise.

8. Focus on your fitness

Create a workout plan as a way to feel stronger and gain more energy, and you'll be more likely to exercise consistently. Make a schedule, include something that's actually fun, and give it a go.

9. Sleep more

Speaking of balance, you need more sleep. How do I know? It's an easy guess, since most of us are overworked and overtired. Once you improve your sleep habits, everything else is just easier.

10. Cherish the quiet

There is so much needless noise in this world. And this this is the perfect time to declutter that as well. With modern technology, we can always be listening to something. And there are many things that are educational, interesting, and ultimately worthwhile. But once in a while, you should give silence a try. Mostly because it's so rare, and thus, kinda beautiful.

Meditation for the Mentally Cluttered By Yvette Bowlin in Mental Clutter


You know those thoughts that you have about 100 times a day that you’re not good enough, you’ll never make it, you won’t ever get what you want, blah blah blah? All that is clutter. We are all mentally cluttered. We all have these types of thoughts flutter into our minds everyday, messing up the place. From the moment we learn our first word and take our first piece of advice, we let in the clutter. We store ideas, cling to memories, form habits and collect beliefs. Not all of it is negative, but anything that distracts you from the you behind the name, beneath the skin, before the accolades, is clutter. All those beliefs you have of I can’t do it, I’m not enough, and I’m not lovable, is clutter.

Clutter clouds, corrodes and covers up. That’s what it does. The good news is, we don’t have to stay buried underneath that junk. We don’t have to lay prey to its lies, limitation or lack. With clutter out of the way, we can live up to our highest potential and our purest truth.

How do we get out from under the heap?

We clean the mind like we would a house. In a house, we have to declutter the closets, throw out expired food from the fridge, dust the cobwebs from the garage and let in the fresh air. The same attention to detail goes to cleaning the recesses of our minds. We need to deliberately go in, clean out the unnecessary and complicated. We need to clear disempowering beliefs away so we can add in empowering ones. We need to throw out the fear and let in the love. To become sensitive to the clutter in our minds, we have to become mindful.

One technique to hone mindfulness is meditation. Meditation is how we get clear. That anxiety, that overwhelm, that fear that keeps you paralyzed can all be cleared with a regular meditation practice.

The purpose of meditation is to clear the mess that’s keeping you small and scared. The stuff keeping you depressed and powerless. Meditation is our look inward. When we open our inner eyes, we see that we are love, freedom and peace. Pure and simple. But we let clutter blind us to that truth so we don’t see it! …Then we begin to forget it. Unless we do the work to regain clarity

Meditation To Clear The Clutter

Here’s a quick meditation to clear mental clutter. Read it a few times over and then practice it on your own. This will help you return to the clarity you were born with.

Sit upright with your eyes closed. Take a big inhale breath and on the exhale, think about relaxing your facial muscles. Inhale again and on the exhale, think about relaxing your shoulders and chest. Do this inhale and exhale over and over while relaxing the rest of your body, top down, belly to feet. Don’t rush.

When you feel your body fully relaxed, bring to your inner ear the sound of the ocean. Can you hear it? Wait until you hear the sound of the waves. Listen to that sound a little longer.

Picture the waves now, watch them crash against the rocky shoreline, with you standing safely on the pier observing it all.

The ocean is strong and mighty. It reminds you of how powerful you are. The sunshine overhead is warm and bright. It reminds you of how pure you are.

As you gaze upon the waves, imagine they are washing away the grudges of yesterday, the worries of today, fears of tomorrow. Witness “I’m not good enough” be carried away by the kelp. See “I’m not lovable” disappear under water. Let every foamy mass wash you clean from the inside out.

Surrender to the ocean 10 of your clutter phrases. Listen to the phrase with your inner ear and then hear the waves suck them up and pull them out to the horizon. As the waves retreat from shore carrying your clutter load, say, “thank you.”

Do this for 15 minutes. When you feel complete, open your eyes.

This is an easy meditation to do every morning to clear mental clutter, or anytime you feel overcome by disparaging and fearful thoughts. Let nature remind you who you are and how you can declutter anything that stands in your way.

Get your clarity back.

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