Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life it’s about what you inspire others to

Hi all. Happy New Year from Jo and Webstar!

Now is the time to be thinking about how to be a better you in 2017. How to improve your chances of success; but what is success? Success isn't just about what we accomplish in our lives it’s about what we inspire others to do. 'Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.' It's the achievement of wanted results. What that definition says is that success is dependent on what we define it to be. It's personal to each of us. What it doesn’t say is there's no magic bullet for being a success. I wish there was, but that would mean it was easy and where's the sense of accomplishment in that? We can set ourselves specific goals and if we meet them we could deem ourselves successful. But is that all there is to it? Isn't there a higher goal? One that we rarely, if ever, define for ourselves. ‘I want to get promoted’, ‘earn more money’, ‘travel’, ‘buy a new car’... we all have a list of goals, long and short term, that, if we achieve them, we'll consider ourselves a success.

But what about broader success in life? Do we ever really define that beyond the detailed goals that we want to accomplish? Probably not. If we get our dream job, the car and the holidays are we a success? I suppose in our own 'goldfish bowl' we can say we are. One of the key things successful people do is to share themselves and that includes giving something back. What if we broaden our definition of what success looks like for us? For me success is less about what I achieve in my own life, so long as I'm comfortable with what I have I don't need more personally, to be successful. It would be nice, of course, and I'll never turn down the chance to achieve those kinds of successes. What I do need in order to consider my life a success is to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world and people around me. The easiest way I can achieve that is to pass on my experience and knowledge by mentoring others and also through this blog. To inspire and help them, and you, to do better in life. That is my broader definition of success and it encompasses many elements of emotional intelligence, it also requires me to be relatively self aware.

If you want to read some great articles and see some awesome podcasts on success then go to This is a great quote from one of their latest articles... 'So as the New Year begins, be bold. Be brave. Don’t ditch what might look like a mess... for the ideal of perfection... Because real and lasting progress is made slowly and with grit, not simply when the date on the calendar says so. A fresh start might sound appealing, but there is something to be said for refusing to give up on yourself. For looking in the mirror and being determined to make something beautiful out of what you see, no matter the state at which you stand. The important thing is to have patience and treat yourself with compassion. And remember that you, as you are now, are more than deserving of another year, a new year, to build and grow upon. You don’t need to start new, you simply need the courage to start as you.' That’s a good New Year message. So go out there and redefine your definition of success to inspire others.

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