Welcome to my Blog!

Your first frontier. These are the voyages of an eight legged freak. My mission to explore new awareness experiences and seek out motivational inspiration. To boldly state what everyone needs to know.

Ok so I'm not exactly Captain James T Kirk but I can be your hero. My blog will explore feelings and emotions, both positive and negative, interspersed with witty insights into what I've been up to. I'm going to share everything that motivates and inspires me from quotes to art and from books to people. I'll be inviting guest bloggers along from time to time so they can add their take on life into the mix. It would be great if you, my readers, could let me know what you would like to see on my blog as well. You can do that on the contact us page.

Eventually I'm hoping to set up a discussion board where we can all have our say on topics of interest to do with awareness and success. Come with me into my web and discover the coolest way to help yourself be a better human being and start along that road to success.

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