Self Awareness is about having a deep understanding of ourselves, being aware of all aspects of ourselves, taking steps to discover ourselves and taking personal responsibility. It’s a journey, in which WE are the focus of attention, it’s not a destination in itself. This journey pays attention to what we think, say, do, feel, eat and how we respond, react, decide and hide.


Our behaviour is influenced knowledge, interaction with others, and our own needs. Self Awareness is the beginning of Emotional Intelligence. It has nothing to do with being selfish! When we look at ourselves, does what we see meet our expectations? Does it align with what, or who, we want to be? Self Awareness is not about reading a book or attending a course. Self-awareness is a journey.


We are constantly changing and adapting to external influence and to our individual experiences. The more we learn to be aware of, and understand, our reactions, thoughts, and emotions, while also keeping in mind our values, the more we can become the best we can be and the more successful we can become.