Q - "What made you want to be a writer?"

A - I don’t think I ever wanted to be a writer. This book sort of fell into being from a very specific set of circumstances

Q - "Do you work on a PC, laptop or both?" 


A - I work with whatever is handy at the time, laptop and smartphone mostly.

Q - "Who's your favourite author?"


A - I have so many in so many different genres I couldn’t possibly single out one.

Q - "Were you good at school?"


A - Average but I seemed to end up with a lot of qualifications.

Q - "Would you prefer to live in the city, suburbs or country?"


A - I’m a suburbs person. I love the idea of living in the coutryside but I’m not sure I could cope with the limitations.

Q - "What's your ideal car?"


A -  Anything unusual but fast and sporty.

Q - "Six words to describe yourself? "


A - Crazy, control freak, empath, creative, mentor.

Q - "Describe a typical working day for you?" 


A - Up at around 4am, drink tea while connecting globally on social media, work as a project manager, work as a mentor or creative time, family time, read, bed around 9pm.

Q - "Most important lesson you've learned in life?"


A - Not to take it too seriously.

Q - "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"


A - Retired!

Q - "What's your favourite poem?"


A - Max Erhmann Desiderata.

Q - "What's your favourite holiday destination? "


A - North Africa. I love dry heat and hate humidity.

Q - "What's the scariest thing you've ever done?"


A - Parachuting.