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"This is the sort of self-help book we wish for but rarely get: not preachy or intellectualising but encouraging, inspiring and… well… helpful! In fact it's a veritable rainbow of great ideas for doing and feeling better." - The BookBag

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 Wow what a great personal growth tool. March 3, 2017



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This review is from: Web to Success (Paperback)

I am getting so much more than I thought I would out of this. I knew it wouldn't be the standard do these steps and you will have whatever goal you are going for. What I hadn't anticipated was the insight I would gain. And I keep flipping back and forth seeing things I read but didn't truly get the full affect of. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on my strengths and weaknesses but you'd be amazed at what you didn't know about yourself. The perspective you gain on yourself and others is invaluable. This book is a great tool that you will go back to for many years to come.

Great book. on January 3, 2017




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I loved this book; Initially, I thought it would be like all the other self-help books, but it is quite more than that, author Jo Bird takes you on a web spiral of what is needed to be successful not just in business but in life as well, how to become a better YOU. My favorite part of this book is chapter two on emotional awareness, to me being aware of one own emotion is everything. I highly recommend this book for those looking to better their lives.

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A debut book unravels a tangle of insights and techniques for self-improvement.

Presenting an intertwined web of principles, this manual is divided into three parts: self-awareness, emotional awareness, and personal development. In the first section, Bird shares the steps individuals must take to become conscious of their values, feelings, weaknesses, and assumptions. In addition, she reveals the wide range of benefits for doing so, including more control over one’s life, less stress, enhanced communication, and greater success in achieving goals. Next, she encourages readers to become more emotionally aware and maximize some of the most meaningful emotions, such as love, optimism, humor, compassion, and forgiveness. Finally, she provides practical tools and strategies “to become more mature” and organized, such as striving for a work-life balance, managing time wisely, improving concentration, and developing better verbal and nonverbal communication skills.


Bird’s teaching style is multifaceted, with an engaging mix of relaying information, drawing on other sources, and disclosing personal experiences. She’s also quick to call her audience to action, stating often that change comes not in reading but in doing. The quality of this work is not in the novelty of the principles as much as the arrangement of them. Readers may not have many grand “aha!” moments; instead they will find simple reminders of valuable principles and ways to implement them. The content is well-structured and easy to follow.


Profound quotes throughout the volume enhance the reading experience. Bird is quick to admit personal weakness, which makes her relatable, but unfortunately this also may deter some readers from embracing advice that the author is suggesting but not following herself. On the whole, however, Bird’s tips are sound and her thoughts are well-articulated. There is much wisdom to be gained in these pages.

While it lacks innovative concepts, this guide presents a high-quality overview of many well-known self-help principles.

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Web to Success presents a broad overview of basic self-improvement concepts in a single volume.

Jo Bird’s Web to Success offers a serviceable summary of the most common success factors.


In her introduction, Bird says she realized that “the mountain of information on positive thinking and personal development I’ve collected over the years is all interlinked.” This volume is the author’s attempt to create a “web,” or meld together key ideas from various sources, and organize them into three major self-improvement areas: self- awareness, emotional awareness, and personal development.

The book is composed of a trio of lengthy chapters, one devoted to each area, which start with a quote and end with a summary. The chapters are further divided into topics. “Personal Development,” for example, covers work- life balance, time management, self-confidence, focus and concentration, communication, success, and emotional intelligence.

Each of the smaller sections also starts with a quote, followed by a general discussion of the topic. The organizational structure is a major strength of the book: The three main subject areas immediately indicate what the book is about, and the sub-sections make it very easy to identify and isolate portions of the content that may be of particular interest. The summaries of each major area reprise the content and act as useful bridges to subsequent sections.

Most of the text has a ring of familiarity to it, probably because many other self-improvement books tread similar ground. Sentences like “Understanding our own emotions, and those of others requires an understanding of our strengths, weaknesses, and, perhaps most importantly, our limits” and “Before we can love another person we have to love ourselves” may be adequate, but they are overused.

In addition, the static, somewhat juvenile illustrations of spiders acting out phrases (such as a spider drinking from a straw in a glass, accompanied by the phrase “glass half full”) might relate to the “web” in the book’s title, but they do little to enhance the appearance of the pages.

Yet, there are helpful bits of advice peppered throughout each section; “Self-awareness,” for example, lists three useful steps to self-awareness and ten “advanced self-awareness techniques.” In addition, the author’s writing style is personal and approachable, and she shares her own experiences and perspectives candidly and with good humor. The quotes that begin each topic area are also well chosen.

Web to Success presents a broad overview of basic self-improvement concepts in a single volume.