About Me

Jo Bird is a wife and mother living with her family and two cats in the home counties of England. Jo has only recently come to realise, with help from a friend, that writing is the best way to share the wealth of experience she has gleaned from her years as a professional Project Manager and mentor to others. Jo began her career in Information Technology, moved on to Finance and then fell accidentally into Project Management.




Jo's personal experience...

  • Over 20 years experience mentoring and supporting, including coaching and training

  • 35 years in the workplace, including 25 years people managment

  • 20 years  in project management, including problem solving and  team building.

  • Experience of negotiation and mediation

  • A natural empath and optimist


Over the years she’s been formally taught a lot of tools and techniques but she firmly believes that experience is still the best way to learn and improve yourself. Her goal in life is to pass on as much of her experience as she can and give something back to the younger generation. It’s her hope that they’ll mature and then pass it on themselves, adding their own experiences into the pot. Jo is an empath, a mediator, and a natural optimist, always seeing the best in people.

She never takes herself or life too seriously realising that life is too short and that laughter really does help. She’s a control freak and everyone jokes about the number of lists she keeps in order to organise her life. Her own life experiences have taught her to follow her heart and never be afraid of emotion and as a result she’s usually the shoulder to cry on for others. Jo is eternally grateful to all those who shared their knowledge and insight with her as she grew as a person. She truly believes that they are the reason she can now give back to the world by passing that knowledge on to the next generation.