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Hi there! Welcome everyone! This website is here so Webstar and I can share our experiences with you, our readers. There's a bit about me, Jo, obviously and a page where you can contact me directly. My book page is dedicated to ' A Web to Success' the book that kicked all this off! Please take a look and of course feel free to buy a copy! There's a page that gives you all the background as to how the book came to be, including my inspiration and motivation. More importantly you'll see how Webstar wove his web around my life and started his blog. On his blog page he blogs about his feelings, emotions, what he's up to and any other snippets he wants to weave into your life! There are buttons for you to access my Facebook page and Twitter account, I'd love to see you there so feel free to like and follow me. I hope you come back and visit us regularly and keep up to date with Webstars antics!